The Society

The Czech Society of Criminology (CSC) is a civic association founded in 2012, which aims to support the development of the criminology as a self-existent and independent scientific discipline in the Czech Republic, and to facilitate the intensive co-operation between experts in the field of crime and other socio-pathological phenomena. To meet this mission, CSC organizes national and international conferences, seminars, lectures and courses, co-operates with professional associations, institutions and organizations of similar focus in the Czech Republic and abroad, encourages research in criminology and dissemination, publication and popularization of criminological information and findings, and promotes the education in criminology at related colleges and universities.


Experts in criminology or related disciplines can become members of CSC, as well as persons engaged in crime control and using criminological findings in their work. The Society is also open to students of colleges and universities interested in criminology. The Board of CSC decides on admission into membership on written application. The prerequisite for membership is also a payment of membership fee.